About me

I am interested in broad area of Human-Computer Interaction, but have been especially focused on interactions between human and the real world through computers, their input modalities, and their development methods. My current focus is on designing tools for programming interactive media content. In my future vision, everyone can be a weekend carpenter who makes his/her everyday life easy and comfortable with help of information technology, i.e., end-user programming { of | in } the real world.

My resume is available for download.

My photo taken by my good friend at Microsoft Research Asia is also available.

Recent updates

06/19/2014Visited the University of Toronto DGP and gave a talk. I'm also visiting the University of Manitoba HCI Lab in a few days and will give another talk. Both of these talks are about "Live Programming" in the real world, which is based on my Ph.D dissertation and contains direction of future work in my current position.
04/25/2014Serving as a program committee member for UIST 2014 is exciting but difficult. Apart from it, I'm getting settled in the new environment and have just started to prepare for attending Graphics Interface 2014. I'm going to present VisionSketch in the session "Video and Collaboration" on 5/8.
04/01/2014Received a Ph.D degree in Computer Science and started to work as a researcher in AIST, a research organization funded by the Japanese government where over 2000 researchers work hard to contribute to both industry and science. My primary task won't change - to conduct interesting research, write good paper, and do some other stuff to make world better place with help of information technology :)
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Media Interaction Group, ITRI, AIST
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Jun Kato
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