Jun Kato

I am interested in broad area of Human-Computer Interaction, but have been especially focused on interactions between human and the real world through computers, their input modalities, and their development methods. My current focus is on designing tools for programming interactive media content.

In my future vision, people with the diverse background can collaborate with others and express their creativity within an integrated design environment - a set of { physical | graphical | textual } user interfaces that provide creativity support for not only conventional programming but also data collection, management, and manipulation.

Recent updates

7/16/2016Created a web page for the new ECOOP 2016 LIVE workshop paper that introduces "Live Tuning" to expand Live Programming benefits to end-users.
7/15/2016Created a web page for the new IEEE Computer journal article that introduces "Programming with Examples" to develop data-intensive user interfaces.
5/23/2016Visited Viewpoints Research Institute, Y Combinator Research HARC, and several other cool places around Bay Area. Organized Japanese HCI Symposium at ACM CHI 2016.
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There are some concepts I have proposed and realized through my research projects.


Research projects since 2009 in reverse chronological order. Labels with show terms for active development.

Side Projects

Projects not meant to be published as research paper in reverse chronological order. Labels with show terms for active development.




'06-08 Toolkit

arX MusicPlayer


arX Launcher



Media Interaction Group, ITRI, AIST
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Jun Kato
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