"junkato.jp" Website

Keywords: Design


This website is built for usability, maintainability, and speed in mind.


This website is built on top of the Semantic UI CSS framework and fully implements responsive design.

The color scheme is almost monotone with a slight accent of adonis blue so that the actual content gets enough attention.


As detailed below, a certain part of this website is dynamically built from a set of well-structured data source, every time the data source is updated.

The building pipeline makes a low-maintenance and easy-to-test website.


The website is mostly made of static HTML/CSS files and does not require much server- nor client-side processing before rendering.

The only exception is a Japanese web font (UD Shin Go) that could take some time to load, but is essential for the beautiful typography.

Code and data

This website is a collection of static HTML/CSS/JavaScript files. It is built from code and data every time something is pushed to the master branch of the GitHub repository. The build pipeline is executed on Travis CI.

During the build process, the following files are used as data source. Feel free to steal the data structure for making your own portfolio website or making HTTP requests to these data files in your application (but ... for what?)

All of the "Recent updates" entries
Publication history (generated from junkato.bib)
All of the received awards information
All of the invited talks information
All of the projects information as well as the project tags information


This website is made possible with help of various OSS projects. As noted in README.md, it is built with the following tools, libraries, and languages. For the complete list of dependent libraries, see package.json.

Gulp v4.0
for managing build pipelines
Webpack v4
for packing JavaScript code
Babel v7.9
for transpiling JS code to be compatible with outdated browsers
Pug v2
for easier HTML coding
for easier CSS coding
TypeScript v3.8
for easier JS coding