Call for collaborations

Hi! I am open for collaborations with either academia or industry. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or social networking services.

Tech transfer?

Web services

My recent projects have been published as web services as shown below. If you want to try using the technologies, please visit their websites, preferably with modern web browsers.

Commercial use

My past projects of creativity support tools/environments have been used in university lectures and in commercial events. If you are interested in using them for commercial purpose, contact me.

Open source projects

Some of my technologies have been published as open-source projects at GitHub. Did you know that even this website is open-sourced?

Songle Sync Tutorial
An interactive tutorial for the Songle Sync API that allows controlling numerous devices in synchrony with the songs.
A parametric design tool for physical computing devices for both interaction designers and end-users.
An integrated design environment for kinetic typography; desktop app revamped as a web service in 2015.


My affiliation (AIST) is in-between academia and industry; it does not take students but does allow collaborations with them and sometimes hire them as interns. I regularly work with graduate students who are interested in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and/or Programming Experience (PX) research.

Please contact me if you want to work with me. Keep in mind that, generally speaking, the first step toward working with professional researchers is often meeting them at academic conferences and get them know who you are and what you are doing.

Potential ways for collaborations

If you are living outside Japan, remote collaborations would be the easiest. If you have an appropriate visa, it would be possible for me to invite you to Tsukuba and work with you for a short term (e.g. regular internship programs for domestic students last for a month or so).

Otherwise, if you are still interested in face-to-face collaborations, we could together find visa and funding support. My affiliation currently has a funding from the JST ACCEL program and there are also public funding support such as JSPS Summer Program.

Interested in staying in Japan?

Please note that there are currently multiple funding programs that could potentially support graduate students in the HCI research field to come to Japan and work with Japanese top researchers. Please refer to the following websites for more details.

JST CREST "HCI for Machine Learning" Program
Prof. Takeo Igarashi, The University of Tokyo
JST CREST "JIZAI Body" Project
Prof. Masahiko Inami, The University of Tokyo
JST ERATO "Kawahara Universal Information Network" Project
Prof. Yoshihiro Kawahara, The University of Tokyo