A Framework for Streamlined Programming from API Playgrounds to Application Deployment

VL/HCC '18
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Interactive web pages for learning programming languages and application programming interfaces (APIs), called playgrounds, allow programmers to run and edit example codes in place. Despite the benefits of this live programming experience, programmers need to leave the playground at some point and re-start the development from scratch in their own programming environments.

This paper proposes DeployGround, a framework for creating web-based tutorials that streamlines learning APIs on playgrounds and developing and deploying applications. It has three unique features: a pseudo-runtime environment for a quick response, an adaptive boilerplate for deploying projects, and a reversible software engineering feature for importing deployed projects as example codes.

As a case study, we created a web-based tutorial for browser-based and Node.js-based JavaScript APIs. A preliminary user study found appreciation of the streamlined and social workflow of the DeployGround framework.


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DeployGround: A Framework for Streamlined Programming from API playgrounds to Application Deployment

Jun Kato, Masataka Goto
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, pp.259-263